Predominant Quality

Avant Designs

Persistent Perfection

Dland's main board along with other hardware are sourced from the most reliable suppliers. The best things in our tablet is invisible, yet providing the best performance.

The perfect tablet requires perfect engineering. Each of our model is engineered and tested for a long time before showing up in the market. Your satisfactory is guaranteed. 

No matter you need a tablet for your child to play with, or for yourself to generate more sufficiency, or other purposes, you will find what you need at Dland.



I am very satisfied with the Dland Tablet for its price. It serves the main purpose for which I bought an Android Tablet, to run Android Apps, surf the web, and send/receive email. Its main weaknesses are the speaker doesn't provide much volume--but I don't use audio much anyway. This is a very nice Tablet PC for a low price.

                                                             -- Larry

We need your support! And we will be supporting you guys with our products!

  • Android system update will be available. Windows 8? It will be here soon. 


  • Dland is introducing more colorful tablets and more power efficient models to the market. Keep in touch with us and pay close attention to our website and Amazon site. 


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